Uniswap Tops Coinbase & $700M Sushi

Plus an argument for the importance of fair launches

Happy Monday, Blockfolians!

How to Use Uniswap: Guide and Must-Read Risks Before Swapping

The Lede

Things are getting wild in DeFi land. As total value locked smashes past $8B, popular DEX Uniswap is flexing its first 24H trading period with volume higher than Coinbase.

That said, Uniswap itself is dealing with something of an insurgency in the form of SushiSwap, a fork which adds a governance token and which attracted $700M+ within a few days of the project’s announcement. This is despite the fact that many in DeFi - like Dharma Labs co-founder Brendan Foster - aren’t pleased.

Forking liquidity will make swap prices worse for all users and make impermanent loss worse for all LPs [liquidity providers]. The only beneficiaries are the Sushi founders.

Here come some crazy times, friends.

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Community Commentary

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Final Thought

OMG get in or get out already. Why are you so obsessed with us?