Total Value Locked In DeFi Hits $3B

Plus China's Blockchain Service Network integrates with 6 public chains

Happy Tuesday, Blockfolians,

The Lede

Yep, you read that headline right. The big number at the top of the DeFi heap is up another billion. If you’re thinking “didn’t we just have one of these milestones” - the answer to that is also yes. In fact, where it took 5 months from DeFi to go from $1B to $2B in TVL, it only took 2 weeks to go from $2B to $3B.

On top of that, DEX volume has hit $1.6B for the month, already topping June’s record.


Many are excited, but some - like Uniswap’s Hayden Adam’s - are wary.

What’s for sure is that there is a ton of energy, engagement - and increasingly, money - in this space. What’s less clear is where it all lands. No matter what, it will be fun to watch!

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Community Commentary

Some are finding this DeFi market a little frothy… 
…but man are the memes good

A (Small But Significant) Number We Should Be Paying Attention To  


That’s the number of public blockchains that China’s Blockchain Service Network (BSN) has integrated with, including: Tezos, NEO, Nervos, EOS, IRISnet and Ethereum.

Final Thought

We can certainly hope, Raoul.