TikTok Lets The Doge Out

Plus LINK reaches new all time highs. Is this alt season?

Happy Wednesday, Blockfolians

The Lede

Yes, this IS a story straight out of 2017. A meme platform drives a meme coin up 35% in price and 2000% in volume in just a few days.

Here’s where it started:

Before long, others were making videos as well, all suggesting a coordinated campaign to paamp it. Others, like TikTok user “VirtualBacon” were warning that this was bound to end poorly for TikTok Crypto newbies.

The whole thing has even made it onto the radar of El Presidente himself Dave Portnoy.

So there you have it. Almost makes you nostalgic for the (absurd) ol’ days, huh?

What Dogecoin's Headline News Means for the Crypto Markets

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Community Commentary

Continuing with our theme of an emergent (dare we say it) alt season, the crypto Twitter community was definitely feeling it too
Still some - especially from outside the CT bubble - are focused on the big Kahuna

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To  


That’s the year-to-date gains for Chainlink’s LINK token, as it hit a new All Time High this morning. Why is it doing so well? According to some, it’s all about DeFi, baby.


Final Thought

Rally the Troops, Bully