This Is Fidelity's Bitcoin Investment Thesis

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The Lede

Lots going on in the big ol’ world today. We’ve got the Federal Reserves FOMC meeting saying a whole lot more of nothing. The CEOs of Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook all testified before Congress.

The Fed Loves Main Street as Much as Wall Street This Time - Bloomberg

And over in our little corner of the financial world, Fidelity just dropped part one in its series on their Bitcoin Investment Thesis.

The whole report is worth a read, but the central focus is the idea of bitcoin as an aspirational store of value.

Here’s the money line:

External forces that are accelerating interest and investment in bitcoin include unprecedented levels and exotic forms of monetary and fiscal stimulus globally with unknown consequences.

Every time a brand like Fidelity publishes a piece like this, that aspiration gets a little more real.

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A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To  


That’s the percentage of all bitcoin holdings that are in the black - in other words, worth more than they were at the time of purchase or acquisition.

Final Thought

Seriously, we’re slacking.