The Safe Haven Shuffle As Crypto Waits To See What Next

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The Lede

Well, today was a lot better than yesterday - no doubt about that. Both the equity markets and crypto markets recovered slightly on promise of fiscal relief. Indeed, for some, crypto price behavior in the last few days has demonstrated clear correlation. In his daily column for Bloomberg, Joe Weisenthal argued that bitcoin was a safe haven - just not for this type of crisis.

Coinmetrics, meanwhile, looked at the data and found, indeed, there was significant correlation between crypto and equities.

In truth, we are all of us still discovering what bitcoin does in a crisis - as this could be the first true crisis since it was born. Hang on.

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A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the amount of collateral liquidations experienced on Compound Finance on Monday - the biggest in the DeFi company’s history.

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We feel you, Dog.