The S&P500 Was Officially More Volatile Than BTC This Month

Plus some big interest in digital asset tokenization and crypto custody

Happy Friday Blockfolians!

The Lede

You read that subject line right. Stocks were more volatile than the asset that can’t get approved for an ETF because of volatility. Well, that and manipulation - but since the Fed is literally injecting “infinite” cash into the markets the manipulation claim seems a little hypocritical as well. We digress.

Anyway, according to St. Louis Fed data, this month the S&P500 was officially more volatile than bitcoin.

This certainly validates what many of us have been feeling - which is that the back and forth in the market probably tells us less about whether we’ve hit a bottom or not - and more about the fact that right now, no one knows how to price anything.

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Community Commentary

RealVision just released a new episode on bitcoin and crypto in the time of Coronavirus, featuring Tuur Demeester, Dan Tapiero, Plan B and more.
Jill Carlson argues that we would do well to avoid overly-close comparison’s to the 2008 crisis in figuring out how to respond to our new world.

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the value of private placements HSBC put on R3’s Corda blockchain, with intention to eventually tokenize them.

Final Thought