The CIA's New R&D Lab is Researching Blockchain

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CIA Worker: Massive 2017 Leak 'Was Crippling' to the Agency | Voice of  America - English

In a validation that the technology is important - but also a reminder that technology is neutral and can be used for many different types of purposes - the CIA has launched a new R&D lab with a focus on, among other things, blockchain.

From the limited statement we have, it seems like the emphasis is to better align incentives with CIA officers. The Labs structure would allow them to file public patents for certain CIA work, meaning they could participate in the profits.

Still, it’s interesting to see that alongside things like “artificial intelligence” and "advanced materials and manufacturing” they list “distributed ledger/blockchain-enabled technologies” as a focus.

Something to keep an eye out for, although then again, by the time we actually hear about the tech coming out of CIA labs, it might have been in use for some time.

Strange timeline we got ourselves here!

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That’s a good way to put it.