The Bulls Are Back in Town

Prices and sentiment surge as the combined crypto market cap breaks $300B

Happy hump day, Blockfolians!

The Lede

After a quick dip on Monday, the bull mood is back in full swing. We’re seeing BTC back above $10k; assets like Tezos and LINK hitting all time highs; and even Figure launching a national TV campaign with a character educating people about blockchain.

All of this action is bringing mainstream attention as well. Check out this CNBC Fast Money clip where the hosts - who notably include no crypto industry guests - smash through about a half dozen pro bitcoin narratives in 90 seconds.

Highly Relevant Reading

⚽️Top Australian soccer team acquired by an ICO company | Just because this day wasn’t two-years ago, enough, a company that says it raised $70m in a token sale is buying Perth Glory.

💪ConsenSys launches “proof of use” token platform with SKALE | Activate is a new platform that empowers projects to distribute tokens to network participants rather than speculators. This could be especially valuable in the context of the proposed SEC Safe Harbor.

🇪🇬Egypt’s largest bank joins Ripple’s remittance networks | Some news from the Middle East, the National Bank of Egypt has joined ripples payment network, RippleNet. Notably, Egypt is one of the world’s top 5 remittance recipient nations.

Community Commentary

Pantera Capital’s Franklin Bi says the JP Morgan-ConsenSys blockchain merger we covered yesterday a win-win
Scalar Capital’s Linda Xie on the role of Memes in crypto markets

A Really Big Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


Yes, you read that right, the total combine crypto market cap is back above $300b.


Final Thought

Goodbye and good luck to the only Dem candidate to have a fully articulated crypto policy.