Telegram Gives Up The Ghost On Blockchain

Plus a set of eternal messages embedded in the bitcoin blockchain

Happy Tuesday, Blockfolians

The Lede

For months, Telegram has been at war with the SEC, attempting to figure out a path forward for the TON blockchain and associated GRAM tokens ($1.7B worth of which were already sold, if you remember).

Today, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov wrote a fiery note saying, effectively, that the project is off.

The most notable part of the note is Durov’s frustration with the USA’s ability to exert economic influence everywhere across the world.

Wonder what happens to that $1.7B now?

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Highly Relevant Reading

Community Commentary

Jameson Lopp captures a fitting halving message embedded on the last block mined at the previous block reward level.
Is the financialization of bitcoin something that we should be concerned about?

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the size of the total stablecoin supply - a surge of more than 70% in two months. Along with it, Tether has displaced XRP as the third largest cryptoasset.

Final Thought

Lopp might have found the resonant message in the last pre-halving block. Nic spotted this in the first post halving block.