SEC Chairman Clayton to Step Down This Year

Plus Arya Stark asks the most important question yet

Happy Monday, Blockfolians

The Lede

Under Jay Clayton’s leadership, the SEC has steadfastly and unwaveringly said “no” to every Bitcoin ETF application that has come through.

In fact, so unwavering was it that some thought that there was little chance of any real crypto progress under Clayton’s leadership. Well, those who were hoping for something different are getting their wish months sooner than expected.

Whether the next chair will be any friendlier to cryptoassets remains to be seen. Former CFTC head Gary Gensler - also an MIT prof who has taught courses on bitcoin and blockchain - joined Biden’s transition team, causing excitement in some circles.

Whoever steps into these positions of power, one truth is that digital assets will be unignorable.

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Final Thought

Do it, Arya.