PayPal CEO Goes Full BTC Bull

Plus record open interest on BTC and ETH options

Happy Monday, Blockfolians!

The Lede

Perhaps this isn’t surprising, given the fact that they’ve just rolled out crypto buying and selling to all US users, but boy oh boy has the CEO of PayPal gone full bull. Check him out on TV earlier today:

This is the latest in a string of these uber-bullish TV appearances. Another one that caught our attention came from the CIO of $8T asset manager Blackrock. Pomp again with the clip:

As Bitcoin creeps on ATH (and ETH continues its ascent up past $600 as well) expect even more of these folks to pop up on cable and beyond.

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Community Commentary

Hyper relevant thread on where buying demand is coming from
A little crass but certainly makes the point.

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the aggregated open interest on BTC options this weekend - a new ATH. ETH options were also at all time highs.

Final Thought

Too true.