"More Easing and Cutting!"

Happy Tuesday, Blockfolians

The Lede

“More easing and cutting” was the message from President Trump, as he took to Twitter to lambast the Fed for not doing enough after it made its first 50bps rate cut since the financial crisis.

Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal noted that in the moments after the announcement, Bitcoin moved in lock step with US equities:

Ikigai’s Travis Kling meanwhile presented the occasion in more historic terms:

Whatever comes next, it seems like the wild ride is sure to continue…

Highly Relevant Reading

🏀NBA star gets closer to token launch | Spencer Dinwiddie has appointed a new broker-dealer for his forthcoming tokenized bond offering based on part of his NBA contract. While the offering has been watered down from Dinwiddie’s original goals, it still marks a notable moment in focusing mainstream attention on new crypto-financial tools.

🇲🇭Marshall Islands moves ahead with digital currency, built on Algorand | Two big pieces of news in one. The first is that the Marshall Islands are moving ahead to launch a digital currency (despite the IMF suggesting they not) and the second is that they’ve chosen a partner in Algorand to do it.

🇹🇷Binance partners to launch a Turkish fiat on and off ramp | One of the biggest barriers to crypto adoption is fiat on and off ramps. Thanks to a new bank partnership, Binance can now offer Turkish customers direct movement between the lira and digital assets.

Community Commentary

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A [Small But Important] Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the number of states that vote in today’s US primary “Super Tuesday,” the most important early stop in an election that could have a significant impact on how cryptocurrencies are regulated and treated at the Federal level.

Final Thought

This is the face of an exasperated man.

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