Meet The First Crypto Exchange On NASDAQ

Plus insane DeFi growth by the numbers

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The Lede

One of Wall Street’s biggest trends this year is special purpose acquisition companies or SPACs. They’re basically a different way to go public that avoids much of the rigamarole of the IPO process. In effect, a promoter lists a “blank check” company on a public market and uses the proceeds to go out and merge with a private company, in effect taking it public. 2020 is already the biggest year in SPAC history and they represent 40%+ of IPOs.

NLW did a podcast on them earlier this week:

While Barry Silbert suggested that he was seeing many SPAC deals.

Looks like Barry was right, because today news broke that was using a SPAC to become the first crypto exchange to be listed on NASDAQ.

There has been much speculation about Coinbase as a potential target for a SPAC. Might they be next?

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Community Commentary

Are “strategies” the next DeFi primitive?
This is seriously insane growth.

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To  


That’s the growth in the number of Ether addresses in profit (i.e. worth more than they were at purchase/acquisition) over the last year

Final Thought

Go get ‘em Frankie