Mayor Suarez Buying Bitcoin for Miami?

Plus Elon engages with Bitcoin Twitter

Happy Friday, Blockfolians

The Lede

Here’s some new hotness for your Friday. You’ve heard of corporate treasuries buying bitcoin (whattup Saylor?). And funds of all stripes - hedge funds, endowments, even insurance companies like MassMutual are getting exposure. But a city?

Miami is set to break new ground as Mayor Francis Suarez discusses putting part of their treasury into bitcoin. Suarez has been on a mission to recruit tech and crypto entrepreneurs to the city, using Twitter as his recruiting grounds.

In the month or so week, Suarez has visited with Pomp and the Winklevoss twins and just yesterday made this appearance on Fox Business:

Just imagine that all of a sudden cities are another source of bitcoin demand. Just, wow.

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When TSLA bitcoin treasury, Elon?