Jefferies Head Of Equity Strategy: "Buy Bitcoin"

Plus huge gains for Tezos XTZ in April

Happy Friday Blockfolians

The Lede

The lead up to the halving hasn’t seen much mainstream media coverage - in large part due to COVID-19 crisis dominating so much of our attention. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t paying attention.

The Block reported that in Jeffries ‘Greed and Fear’ note, which came out yesterday April 30th, global head of equity strategy Chris Wood recommended buying bitcoin in advance of the halving. Here’s the money quote:

"It also should be a source of diversification in a portfolio, as is gold, precisely because of its truly decentralised nature. It is this feature, combined with the fixed supply, which makes it a hedge against central bank manipulated fiat money."

Chris Wood ups China stake amid coronavirus fear; trims India ...

Listen to the man.

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Community Commentary

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A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


Thats the growth in the value of Tezos XTZ over the month of April - more than double bitcoin’s 37%!


Final Thought

Excuse the self promotion, but when CoinTelegraph tells the world you have millions more impressions than CoinMarketCap, you have to share it.