Is a JPMorgan-ConsenSys Blockchain Merger in the Works?

Big intrigue as Reuters reports on a deal in the works

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The Lede

Reuters is reporting that JPMorgan is in talks to spin out their premier blockchain unit Quorum with ConsenSys. There is still a ton of missing information: what will happen to Quorum’s 25 employees; what the financial terms are; and what the implications are for JPM’s broader blockchain efforts (although the report did say that its other related initiatives including their interbank payments network and its plans for a JPMorgan Coin would be unaffected).

Most folks in the industry aren’t reading the potential merger as either bullish or bearish, but instead simply trying to figure out everyone’s motivations and goals:

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Community Commentary

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A Really Big Number You Should Be Paying Attention To

$4.8 Trillion

That’s the size of President Trump’s new proposed 2021 budget, although the part that is most relevant for the crypto industry is a proposal to move the Secret Service - tasked with investigating financial crimes and protecting US currency - under the Treasury.

Final Thought

A Captain Kirk crypto podcast? We’d listen.