How Bitcoin Adjusts To Changing Circumstances

Plus a new crypto debit card from Binance and a great initiative from Square

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The Lede

Every 14 days, bitcoin automatically adjusts how difficult it is to mine in order to keep block times consistent around 10 minutes. This mechanism creates significant resiliency to price changes. Yesterday saw a difficulty adjustment of nearly 16% - the second largest in bitcoin’s life (and the largest since ASIC miners were introduced in 2013). The power of the system is that this exactly how things were designed to work:

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Community Commentary

On a day that saw record setting jobless claims contrasted with the return of a bull market, we gotta agree with Token Daily’s Soona Ahmaz
And for those of you whose frustration is not quite assuaged, check out Taleb’s new essay about the bailouts, contextualized by

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the amount that has invested in the Voice social network to spin out and run independently. Talk about a war chest.

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