Harry Potter's Wizarding World Runs On Sound Money

Plus the best bitcoin paragraph you've ever read.

Happy Friday, Blockfolians

The Lede

You thought this week couldn’t get any better, didn’t you?

  • A successful halving, reinforcing the narrative of bitcoin’s monetary policy predictability compared to central banks gone wild.

  • A BTC price creeping towards $10k

  • Successful token sales for new projects like Celo

But THEN J.K. Rowling, Ms. Harry Potter herself waded into our little corner of the world.

wizard money | Tumblr

It also started here:

Low and behold, this happened:

Bitcoin Twitter was happy to oblige.

As usual, Cobie summed it up perfectly.

Soak it in, folks.

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Highly Relevant Reading

  • The Libra Association gets some new members, including a Singaporean state-owned firm

  • In literally the least surprising news of all time, Telegram investors are looking into a lawsuit around the $1.7B token sale now being abandoned

  • BitGo is providing custody for India’s largest crypto exchange

  • Always innovating FTX has pushed new hash rate futures live

Community Commentary

Investor Spencer Noon kicks up an interesting conversation around a hypothetical
A new form of wrapped BTC is live!

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the number of European nations that can use Crypto.com’s new crypto-to-fiat card

Final Thought

I mean, hell yes.