Famed Christie's to Auction Bitcoin-Inspired NFT

Plus, a number of regional Fed's are researching digital currencies

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The Lede

We have to say…it’s a little dreary out there. We’ve been living in a sea of red, and perhaps expectedly, there has been some narrative shuffling. Qiao Wang put it crisply.

While we’re not sure that NFT’s have displaced DeFi from a crypto interest standpoint, it’s definitely the case that there is a lot of excitement around the space of non-fungible tokens and the digital art and digital collectibles they represent.


Here’s something that could add more fuel to that fire. Famed auction house Christie’s is auctioning off a series of 40 paintings built around the transcript of the Bitcoin code base. Additionally, they’ll be selling a companion NFT which will serve as both a digital version and a certificate of authenticity.

One auction does not a trend make, however it is cool to see one of the most stodgy, old-world style institutions (an auction house) grok the potential of NFTs.

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Community Commentary

This was weird.
This is a hell of a conversation - especially for the bitcoiners out there.

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To  


That’s the size of Valentus Capital Management’s target fund, focused on distressed debt and mortgage securities that is seeking to raise money by tokenizing itself.

Final Thought

Oh Lord here it comes.