ETH Over $1000 as BTC "Dips" to ~$31,600

Plus some early action in the 2021 CBDC space

Happy New Year, Blockfolians!

The Lede

After a refreshing break, The Blockfolio Refresh is back and man oh man has it been a wild few weeks. Bitcoin kept us entertained all throughout the holiday, smashing from one new high to another, although its biggest fireworks were reserved for this past weekend when it launched above $30,000 all the way to nearly $35,000 before dipping back today to under $30,000 and then popping back up again to between $31,500-$32,000 where it currently sits.

Not to be left behind, Ethereum’s ETH hit its own psychological barrier of $1000. Indeed, many are explaining part of bitcoin’s dip as profits being recycled back to alts. Still, with Google searches for “Ethereum” at their highest levels since early 2018, it seems like there may be something bigger happening.

Whatever the case, 2021 is off to an absolutely raging start. Here’s to a great year!

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