DeFi Reaches Milestone $2B Locked Up

Plus the weirdest viral doge pump in years

Happy Tuesday, Blockfolians

The Lede

DeFi has reached yet another big milestone - $2B locked up in DeFi applications. This comes just 5 months after the psychological barrier of $1B was broken.

Interestingly, Compound has pushed past MakerDAO to account for the largest part of that $2B.

Impressive as this is, it isn’t the only evidence of the growing attention around DeFi. DeFi lockup tracking site DeFiPulse is seeing major growth as well.

Are we all just yield farmers now? Certainly seems that way.

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Community Commentary

Speaking of DeFi, this very new way to do non-collateralized DeFi lending has many tongues wagging
 Not interested in letting DeFi have all the fun, bitcoin is posting a new all time high hashrate!

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To  


That’s the amount of Bitcoin that moved to Ethereum last month, with the majority coming in the form of Wrapped Bitcoin.

Final Thought

This is some serious 2017 crap right here.