DeFi Double Down Special Edition

DeFi hits $1B locked up, and everyone has an opinion

Happy Friday, Blockfolians

The One Thing You Need To Know


As of last night, the total amount in DeFi has hit $1 billion. Of course, it wouldn’t be crypto without there being 10 different conflicting opinions on the news.

The Rogues Gallery Reacts

Ethereans rejoiced; the DeFi curious squinted to take another look; the bitcoiners…well…they did their thing to.

Another Thing Worth Reading

For those who want a more substantive debate about DeFi not just connected to this latest milestone, we highly recommend the recent debate podcast between Udi Wertheimer and Haseeb Qureshi (annotated below by Eric Wall).

An Actually Pretty Small If You Think About It Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the number of days between $1M and $1B locked in DeFi.

Final Thought

Captain Kirk is going to the Satoshi Roundtable