CryptoMom Wants 3-Year Grace Period for Token Sales

Plus the Fed gets in on digital currencies and Blockstack makes a bet on bitcoin

Heyo Blockfolians!

The One Thing You Need To Know

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Hester Pierce, aka “CryptoMom,” the most pro-crypto SEC Commissioner, has officially released her Safe Harbor plan. In short, the plan would give projects 3 years from the point of their token sale to achieve “sufficient decentralization” so as not to be considered securities. Most think that the proposal is unlikely to be adopted given current SEC leadership, but the plan still has tongues’ wagging. Photo source.

Responses from the Rogues Gallery

Almost as soon as Commissioner Pierce’s speech went live, the chattering class went off.

Some Other Things Worth Reading

While there is a ton of chatter around Hester Pierce’s Safe Harbor proposal, it wasn’t the only thing in the news.

US Federal Reserve Looking Into Digital Currencies

In an about-face, the Federal Reserve has said that it (along with 80% of central banks according to a recent Bank for International Settlements Study) is actively researching digital currencies.

Blockstack Bets Big on Bitcoin

Here’s something interesting. A token ecosystem is forgoing their own token as reward for certain key functions within the network.

A Really Big Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the total amount locked in DeFi, according to Will we see that magical milestone of $1B break soon?

Final Thought

FTX has listed Trump election prediction futures. Lord help us all.