Crypto Has 4 Billionaires On Forbes New List

Can you guess who they are?

Happy Wednesday, Blockfolians

The Lede

Forbes latest billionaires list was just published, and included four crypto billionaires. First, here are the ones that weren’t listed. Joe Lubin and CZ - who both made the list in 2018 - were nowhere to be found. The four that did tap in were Micree Zhan ($3.3B) and Jihan Wu ($1.8B), Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen ($2.6B), and Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong ($1B).

Of course, if they included Satoshi Nakamoto and their estimated 700,000 bitcoin, they would top these 4 handily!

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Highly Relevant Reading

  • While most have been focused on the bitcoin halving in May, BCH just went through its first halving as well.

  • Wrapped bitcoin is coming to the Tezos blockchain in order to help bring DeFi to the ecosystem.

  • Speaking of DeFi, a network of some pretty heavy-hitting traditional financial institutions have announced the Chicago DeFi Alliance.

  • A software vulnerability on the Bisq DEX allowed a hacker to make away with $250,000 in BTC and Monero.

Community Commentary

Adamant Capital’s Tuur Demeester draws historical comparisons between to today and early 20th century America.
Given price declines and the upcoming halving, many are looking at BTC mining with a thoughtful eye

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the loss reported by Mike Novogratz’ Galaxy Digital for Q42019. Ouch.

Final Thought

Galaxy brain take.