Crypto Dad is BACK!

A new initiative to design a digital dollar, whether the Fed wants it or not

What’s happening Blockfolians?

The Lede

The man, the myth, the legend, “Crypto Dad” aka Christopher Giancarlo aka the former head of the CFTC has popped back up in crypto land. This time, it’s with a nonprofit called the Digital Dollar Foundation that’s designed to, you guessed it, design a digital dollar. Giancarlo has previously expressed concern that the digitization of other world currencies (namely China’s digital yuan) poses a serious threat to the USD’s status as the global reserve.

What we’re paying attention to

🚫Yer Cancelled - Japanese exchange Liquid has cancelled sale of Telegram’s forthcoming tokens. It’s the latest in a string of bad news around TON, which investors just found out recently won’t be integrated into Telegram’s messenger. Ouch.

🙈That’s Private - Zcash is making it easier for developers to offer shielded transactions via mobile. Meanwhile, a crypto analytics firm tells Congress they need more regulations around exchanges that list privacy coins, but that they shouldn’t be banned outright. This will be one of the big crypto battles of the coming years.

🏀Sport’s Gear, But On The Blockchain - Ever buy some cool one of a kind sports gear but have no proof it was authentic? Fans rejoice! A new partnership between the Sacremento Kings and a ConsenSys backed project seeks to end that issue for good.

A thing that sounds totally made up but is actually real

Personal tokens. Yup. A crypto token Or your time. Or your attention. Or your future earnings potential. Sounds crazy, but with NBA stars like Spencer Dinwiddie starting to tokenize themselves, you can bet this experimentation is going to trickle down. See how one DeFi enthusiast is using his personal token.

Our sentiments exactly: