Coinbase Launches Crypto Debit Card

Plus Michael Saylor reveals how much BTC he personally owns

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The Lede

Lots and lots of news around using crypto for retail purchases recently. Last week, we heard about PayPal’s forthcoming crypto offering that will include not only buying and selling cryptos but eventually integration with their 26m strong merchant network.

Today, we’ve learned that the Coinbase Visa debit card - previously only available to users in the UK and EU - is coming to America.


Any crypto that Coinbase uses can be spent via the card. Of course, there are some questions.

First, in the US crypto is treated like property, not currency, which means each purchase could be a taxable event.

Second, there is the question of how much users actually want to spend their crypto.

Still, while these concerns are real - we’re with Bobby: the more options, the better.

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