Civil Shuts Down.

Plus Lightning Hackathon's and a new grant from Square Crypto

Happy Tuesday, Blockfolians

The Lede

Well, I guess that’s one solution to the problems of media that isn’t going to work. Civil was a project meant to let readers directly support journalists and even spin up their own publications. The company had tried a number of unsuccessful token raises and ultimately, couldn’t find a path to sustainability. Some parts of the team will be absorbed into ConsenSys to work on identity solutions.

A project ending is never easy. For a brilliant thread on this, check out the founder of the (very successful) Udemy and the (painful flop) Sprig on failing.

What’s more, while Civil might not have been able to figure out a sustainable approach, there’s no doubt that the world is desperate for better approaches to journalism and information sharing.

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Highly Relevant Reading

Community Commentary

Context is king when we’re determining whether bitcoin is a good store of value.
Daily Dirt Nap’s Jared Dillian says the thing we’re all thinking.

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To 


That’s the USA’s new bounty on the head of Venezuela’s digital currency the petro. Yikes!

Final Thought

It was a little jarring, ngl.