BSV Surges 300% Because Nothing Is Real Anymore

Plus Bitcoin nudges towards $9,000 while value locked in DeFi hits ATH

Hola Blockfolians!

The Lede

Unless you were under a rock the last few days, you know the market has been on an absolute tear, although what’s driving it is something of a mystery, even for the folks who are supposed to be in the know.

What we’re paying attention to:

🦄 Defi Surges - As the markets heated up, a slew of traders hopped to DeFi platforms like Compound Finance and MakerDAO to go in without having to sell their crypto.

☑️ Options, Please - Derivatives continue to be one of the hottest segments of the crypto markets. The CME opened trading on options on BTC futures on Monday and yesterday saw “near record” volumes across BTC options trading.

👩‍💻Is Blockchain A Skill? LinkedIn reported that blockchain has become the #1 hard skill that companies are looking for. No one from Crypto Twitter has ever been on LinkedIn though, so we can’t confirm.

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A really big number you should care about:


That’s the number of bitcoin that were moved in a single transaction this week for just $80 in fees. As @Rhythmtrader put it “the true power of bitcoin.”

Our sentiments exactly:

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