Brazil To Have CBDC By 2022

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The Lede

The president of Brazil’s central bank has recently declared that there is likely to be a Brazilian real by 2022.

How’s that for a beautiful game?

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The declaration from Roberto Campos Neto came from a Bloomberg interview. Neto said:

I think the digital currency is not the cause, it's the consequence. For you to have that, you have to have in place a system of instantaneous payments that is efficient and interoperable, you need to have an open system in which you can create competition, and you need to have a currency which has credibility, is convertible and is international. Then I think you have all the ingredients to have a digital currency.

CBDCs are one of the hottest areas of development in the larger crypto space. With over 211 million people, Brazil would become one of the largest test cases of CBDCs in the wild.

Of course, 2022 is also the year that China has suggested that a digital yuan could launch - in time for the Olympic games.

This remains one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of the battle for the future of money.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

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Ah ‘perspective’ - that ol’ chestnut

A Really Big Number We Should Be Paying Attention To  


That’s the percentage of total spot volume represented by DEX’s rather than centralized exchanges. It may seem small, but look at that trendline.

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