Boston Fed Testing 30+ Blockchains: The Central Bank Digital Currency Roundup

Plus a new high for the 'Bitcoin Rich List'

Happy Monday, Blockfolians

The Lede

New paper examines central bank digital currency models - Central Banking

One of the big trends of the last two years has been the rapid push of central banks towards launching their own digital currencies. For some reason, the last few days have seen an absolute flurry of news in that area as well.

The sheer volume of different bits of news around this topic shows just how much activity there is in this space.

This comes with mixed implications for all of us in crypto. On the one hand, CBDC’s are effectively surveillance money. They will give states unprecedented insight into their citizens’ finances.

On the other, there is no denying how much activity around CBDCs is a harbinger for the larger shift to digital currencies. Even in a world where base money is also truly digital, you have to imagine that many will opt out for private, non-state alternatives.

It’s a brave new world out there, friends.

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Final Thought

Literally no matter what he’s talking about, since this is 2020, we agree.