Bloomberg Brings Crypto to the Campaign

Plus tokenized security M&A, new derivative products and community commentary on recent DeFi attacks

Heyyo Blockfolians,

The Lede

Michael Bloomberg published his plan for financial reform today, and - surprise, surprise - it actually included a section on crypto. Nothing is revolutionary (or even particularly fleshed out), but when this is the tone we’re used to, anything not out-of-hand negative is refreshing.

Plus, it does feel like a milestone moment, as captured here by Neeraj from CoinCenter:

Highly Relevant Reading

🌊BitGo acquires Harbor | The latest in crypto M&A, custody startup BitGo has announced that they’re moving into the adjacent area of tokenized securities by scooping Harbor. That could be a force to be reckoned with.

📂Sia developer releases decentralized file sharing system | Move over IPFS, there is a new player in the decentralized file game. Nebulous, the developer behind Sia has just launched a content distribution and file sharing network. Exciting to see the decentralized file space heat up.

🎮A new platform for blockchain gaming | Enjin is launching a game development platform for Ethereum, making it significantly easier for developers to integrate crypto assets into games without working with blockchain code.

Community Commentary

Were the bZx attacks all about low liquidity on decentralized exchanges?
Need a cheat sheet for the next time you’re pitching friends and family on why they should care about bitcoin?

A Really Big Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the amount lost in a second attack on bZx that happened late Monday/early Tuesday. This is actually a decently small number, compared to what it might have been, and a good reminder that figuring out these types of exploits while the industry is still small could be the best thing for it.

Final Thought

One of these times, he’ll be right you know.