Bitcoin up in a Turbulent Market

Plus interesting data around Bitcoin halving Google searches

Happy Monday, Blockfolians

The Lede

Stocks are most definitely down (DJIA down more than 400 points) on fear around the Coronavirus. Bitcoin, meanwhile, is most definitely up (2-3+% in 24 hours), but the debate is on about whether the BTC bump is inversely correlated to the stock selloff or reflects some other factor like trading during Chinese new year. Either way, Monday is off to quite the start. 

What We’re Reading 

📈Google searches around Bitcoin halving double - Perhaps the most anticipated crypto event of 2020 is the bitcoin halving, and that fact is bearing out in Google searches for the term, which according to Arcane Research have more than doubled since December to their highest levels since the last halving in 2016.

🇸🇬Singapore: so hot right now - Last week, The Block published research suggest that 40% of utility token launches in 2019 were domiciled in Singapore. Today, one of Australia’s largest exchanges announced that they’re expanding to Singapore based on “overwhelmingly positive response” from regulators. 

💰Unveiling Telegram’s ICO investors - The SEC is locked in battle with Telegram, as as court documents surface, it’s giving insight to which investors participated in the company’s $1.7B fundraise. The latest documents suggest (although do not confirm), that heavyweights including Kleiner Perkins, Repoint and more might have been involved.

A Really Important Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the number of new permits issued by Iran’s Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade for crypto mining operations, under a new regulatory regime designed to take advantage of the potential economic benefits of crypto while also keeping it within government purview. 

Finally, An Early Leader For ‘Worst Take Of The Year’

What do you get when you combine an op-ed page with a grudge against crypto and two shillbot accounts? Apparently, proof that all of Crypto Twitter is rooting for a deadly virus to help their bags. Blech.

Final Thought

Billie Eilish taking home literally everything at the Grammy’s last night is a real win for the misfits and malcontents.