Bitcoin Takes A Well-Earned Break After Its $10K Run

Plus the UK and Europe go wild with new funding and regulatory activity

Welcome to a new week Blockfolians

The Lede

Unless you were on some amazing tropical vacation with no access to the internet (which, by the way, we sincerely hope you were) you know that on Saturday night, bitcoin punched through that all-important psychological barrier of $10k. Everyone’s favorite space cat came in quick with the meme we’ve come to know and love:

Even with a morning dip today (BTC is hovering around $9850 as we write this), the significance of the moment - captured below - remains.

Highly Relevant Reading

In an otherwise relatively slow news day, the UK and Europe were all over the place. Here are some quick hits:

🇩🇪BitGo expands custody business to Germany and Switzerland | Custody competitors Coinbase and Fidelity have recently opened up shop in Ireland and the UK, respectively.

🇪🇺Seed CX adds euro trading pairs | In response to growing demand from European traders, Chicago-based Seed Commodities Market announced the introduction of new euro trading pairs against bitcoin, ether and six more.

🇺🇦Ukraine will not regulate mining | In a larger strategic document about the country’s digital asset policy, the Ukraine states “mining does not require regulatory activity from governmental oversight bodies or other third-party regulations.” Go Ukraine!

With the UK finally Brexiting for real, there has been some conversation about what the impact to crypto companies will be. The sheer volume of news today suggests that whatever might happen, no one in the region is slowing down.

Community Commentary

Looking at how prominent voices in the space have been reacting to recent news.

Caitlin Long on Hester Peirce’s SEC Safe Harbor proposal
Eric Meltzer on last week’s launch of Handshake

A Really Big Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


Our friends over at Binance.US did us a solid and calculated today’s value of a 2016 crypto portfolio screenshot we shared. The HODL game is real.

Final Thought

I bet Bong Joon Ho is a bitcoiner.