Bitcoin Rally "Only in the First Inning" says Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones

Plus rumors of PayPal crypto acquisitions

Happy Thursday, Blockfolians

The Lede

The bulls, they are on parade. We’ve got:

  • The PayPal news (plus new info that they’re looking to acquire crypto companies)

  • Another public firm putting treasury reserves into bitcoin

And then this. Paul Tudor Jones, who earlier this year shared his “Great Monetary Inflation” thesis and companion bitcoin investment, was back on CNBC extolling the virtues of BTC.

Paul Tudor Jones says he likes bitcoin more than ever, says 'we are in the  first inning' | Headlines | News | CoinMarketCap

Not only did he say that the bitcoin rally was only in its ‘first inning,’ he also made it clear that he views it as a pro-humanity technology, as compared to other safe haven assets.

Oh, and we’re still rocking and rolling above $13,000.

Get it fam.

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Final Thought

He’s not wrong.