A Whole New Meaning for "Dirty Money"

Plus Minnesota goes after crypto political donations and the latest in ProgPoW

Happy Friday Blockfolians

The Lede

Welp, it’s the end of the second week in which US markets weren’t pretending Coronavirus wasn’t a thing, and it just keeps getting more intense. Take for example, the Fed delaying processing of dollars coming from Asia for fear of spreading the disease.

Markets are in turmoil. Some are predicting doom. Central bankers are defending themselves. But hey, bitcoin keeps on chugging.

Highly Relevant Reading

🇮🇳Reserve Bank in India to bring crypto back to court | After the Supreme Court overturned an RBI crypto ban, that institution is appealing. This time, however, crypto businesses get to build while the case is ongoing.

⛔️Minnesota tries to ban crypto political donations | What’s your beef guys? The Block reports on a renewed effort to outlaw political donations that come in the form of crypto. Guess I know who I’m NOT voting for.

🤬ProgPoW debate continues to define the Ethereum conversation | Today’s Ethereum All Core Dev call was all about ProgPoW again. Despite the messiness, frustration, and difference of opinion, the general view seems to think that, as a whole, the community is making progress in how it makes decisions.

Community Commentary

As debate continues to rage between Tron and the Steem community, Emin suggests it is part of a larger group of vulnerable token communities
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong reflects on the parallels between today’s crypto & the early internet

A Really Big Number You Should Be Paying Attention To


That’s the size of new crypto and security token exchange’s anticipated April IPO - potentially the largest registered securities sale by a blockchain company yet. Gotta say, timing seems rough…

Final Thought

Sunday is International Women’s Day. There is absolutely no doubt that this entire industry is massively more successful for the efforts of an untold number of brilliant woman. Here are just a sample of some of the threads we’ve seen highlighting those heroes. Cheers to everyone mentioned here and all those grinding quietly away from the spotlight, as well.