7 Central Banks Walk Into A Bar...

Plus more blacklist addresses from Tether

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The Lede

There is no doubt that central bank digital currencies are one of the key narratives of crypto 2020. Every day it seems like another country throws its hat into the ring to begin research or even trials of a new digital currency.

G-10, Or Who Manages the Bank for International Settlements - USAREALLY.COM

Today, seven central banks and the Bank for International Settlements put out a 26-page report on how CBDCs should be designed.

As you can see from the image below, the report goes deep on specific features:

Perhaps even more significant, however, is the caliber of the banks involved:

  • Bank of Canada

  • Bank of England

  • Bank of Japan

  • European Central Bank

  • Sveriges Riksbank

  • Swiss National Bank

  • Federal Reserve

What’s clear is that this isn’t just a small government thing. The partners here represent some of the largest central banks in the world. For better or worse, CBDCs are coming.

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