$10m for Lightning as BTC creeps towards $10K

Plus more crypto venture funding and acquisition announcements than you can shake a stick at

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The One Thing You Need To Know

Elizabeth Stark and the badasses at Lightning Labs have scored a $10m Series A and announced their first financial application Lightning Loop - used by BTC/LN accepting merchants like Fold. We can only imagine what sort of damage they can do with 8 figures.

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Crypto Venture and M&A go cray-cray

It is *not* just Lightning that saw big financing activity, but a slew of projects.

Is eBay about to come full circle on bitcoin?

Before kicking bitcoin traders off, eBay functioned as one of the earliest “exchanges.” Now, the WSJ reports that Bakkt-owner ICE is pursuing a $30b+ takeover.

What the heck is happening at Cosmos?

Over the last several weeks, there have been some strange reports coming out of Cosmos, but things came to a head when one of the project’s most important architect took to Twitter to set the record straight. Whatever’s happening, we think the interoperability that Cosmos is working on is one of the most important projects in the space, so Godspeed to all involved!

Twitter avatar for @zmanianZaki Manian @zmanian
I’m going to call this statement what it is, a huge lie.
gist.github.com/jaekwon/7cb869… What Jae is doing isn’t decentralization, it’s a transparent attempt to evade responsibility for Jae’s neglect and negligence to the Cosmos project.jaekwon_aibjaekwon_aib. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.gist.github.com

A Really Big Number You Should Be Paying Attention To

500 Million

The total number of transactions confirmed on the bitcoin blockchain, as of TODAY.

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